frases sobre aprovechar la vida

Vivimos escasos instantes muy cerca de las nubes,porque la mayoría se quedan en un vuelo rasante a ras de suelo.

Tenemos que saber aprovechar los episodios de gloria que aparecen sin buscarlos,que nos hacen felices,que nos dejan bellos recuerdos.

Estas frases me gustan porque motivan a pensar que hay que aprovechar la vida,y no dejar aprovechar buenos momentos que luego no se repetirán.


¿Qué deseo para Japón en el festival de Tanabata de este año?

Es una leyenda muy bonita



Held each year on July 7, the Tanabata festival has its roots in the folktale of a young married couple, symbolized by two stars in the night sky, who toil away at their trades separately, able to meet just once a year. It’s a little like the situation in many Japanese families where the husband gets transferred by his company to another prefecture and his wife stays behind to continue her own career or look after the kids. Just replace “office workers” with “cowherd and daughter of the king of heaven” and “prefectural border” with “the Milky Way,” and you’ve got a close approximation.

The story of the two lovers finally being able to see each other has taken on a broader connotation of wishes coming true, and Tanabata is commonly celebrated by writing a wish down on strip of paper, then tying it to a stalk of bamboo.


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